Ring of Salt

by Young Legs



The lead single off of The Petal and the Page, out 12/9.

Links to buy the Mint 400 Records digital release are here!


released November 4, 2016

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Steven Donahue, except where noted below.
Percussion written and performed by Matt Olsson.
Violin and viola played by Ben Karas, cello played by Paul Vanderwal II.
Vocals and electric guitar tracked at The Den with Matt Maroulakos.
Production consultation on Ring of Salt by Jeff Jones "The Jedi Master".



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Young Legs New Jersey

Sometimes fun,
sometimes sad,
always introspective.

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Track Name: Ring of Salt
your jaw's been shut
since the day that you could talk
and you sat down
when you learned to run away
now you've a taste
for a different kind of waste
and you reap the fear
that you sowed yesterday

please be gentle
please be gentle when you go
give me the sad news
you'll feel better if i know
and we'll give each other better news soon

when you lay down
and the heat of summer sin
dries the grass
that you decide to lay upon
you'll peel your skin
and you'll light another grin
and watch the ashes
reach so desperate for the sun

have i found what i want?
am i satisfied with where i place the fault?
another broken heart
is pouring through my fingertips
and as it's falling it becomes a ring of salt

please be gentle
please be gentle when you go
give me the sad news
you'll feel better if i know
Track Name: The Wayfarer's Waltz
i pack my things up
i'm leaving tomorrow,
i'm going away
dear friend, cheer up
you know that i love you
i'll see you some day

and oh, how that day will be brimming with joy!
the tearful reunion of a girl and a boy
the journey will end but for now i must go
don't ask me why 'cause my heart
it says you know

don't cry, my love
i'll think of you always,
your heart in my pack
hear me, my love
i'll come back to you
with the wind at my back